Hello everyone,

My name is Tommy White and I’m from Dunlap, Tennessee.  Lets take a few minutes to talk about who I am.


Growing up was never fun for me.  My parents divorced when I was a young tot. I lived with my mother and I can remember moving at most 14 times in one year. My step dad lost his mind and started building a house for us in the middle of no where on the side of a mountain. We had no running water, power and this was in the 1990’s. I spent my childhood working on this forsaken house while all my friends were out enjoying life. Seven years later the house was built and we moved it. We had to use oil lanterns for light, heat water on a wood stove to bath and we had a generator which we started at dinner time to watch 30 minutes of TV…

At the age of 16 I left home and nothing was going to stop me. With no place to go I bounced from one place to another with nothing other than making a better life for myself in mind. Finally I ended up staying with one of my fathers friends who worked on electronics and computers. I picked up fast on building electronics devices from scratch, how all computer parts functioned and networking. During this time a computer company hired me to help them move from one location to another. On lunch break one day I fixed 3 computers that their techs said couldn’t be fixed. By the end of the day I was hired on as a technician and continued to work at that company for several years.

Eventually I became burnt out on network administration since I had nearly worked on every major companies network in the tri-state area. I had 3 key chains with 20-30 keys on each one from business networks I worked on. Everything from small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations. I moved my field of knowledge over to Photoshop and building websites. I found that the possibilities were endless on the web and thus here we are today.

Today I work from home and own roughly 3 dozen 60 sites. Here are a few that are up and running or that are being worked on.

NEW 2013

NEW coming soon from 2013

  • OldNut.com (in development)
  • GilryParty.com (in development)
  • SalarySpy.com (in development)
  • TravelProcess.com (in development)
  • MassAid.com (in development)
  • MyBabyHelp.com (in development)
  • WhoDates.com (in development)
  • BadMafia.com (in development)
  • FlavorPlay.com (in development)
  • RentVelocity.com (in development)

And a LOT more.

Along with working on my sites and ideas everyday I also am a Reserve Officer with our local sheriff’s department. I donate 40-42 hours a week of my time on patrol, working on their computers and maintaining their website.

The main reason why I do so much is like everyone else I have an astronomical amount of bills to pay. My wife was in an automobile incident where 2 people ran a traffic control device that was not functioning, t-boning her and then the 2nd automobile struck her head on. Needless to say a trip the emergency room ended up in $56k in medical bills, 2.5 years of physical therapy and a lawsuit… which we lost thanks to this great judicial system we have. It was all clear in black and white, the police officer said the light was out, the traffic engineers stated that the light was not functioning, two 911 calls stated that 2 people had ran a red-light that was out and hit my wife and the best part is the 2 parties we took to court both had different stories, but yet they had the SAME lawyer. One stated the light went out as they went under it and other stated it never went out. Even the news reported the light had been out.

So in short we have had $56k in medical, a totaled car and a long road ahead of us. The other people that caused the accident had $400 in repairs.

Thanks for reading,

Tommy White