Hello everyone,

My name is Tommy White and I’m from Dunlap, Tennessee.

Today I work from home and own roughly 3 dozen 70 sites. Here are a few that are up and running or that are being worked on.

NEW coming soon from 2018

  • OldNut.com (in development)
  • GilryParty.com (in development)
  • SalarySpy.com (in development)
  • TravelProcess.com (in development)
  • MassAid.com (in development)
  • WhoDates.com (in development)
  • BadMafia.com (in development)
  • FlavorPlay.com (in development)
  • RentVelocity.com (in development)
  • WineTab.com (coming soon)
  • ListVelocity.com (coming soon)
  • ThreadReviews.com (coming soon)
  • PriceBlotter.com (coming soon)

And a LOT more.

I am also a IT Systems Administrator that does contract work. Work ranges from JMS, RMS, State Network Integrate, and scaling Networks. I work with many vendors including EAS, TBI, State, Geoconex, Motorola, CallWorks, Tri-tech, Avaya, Dataworks, VINE, and more.

I enjoy helping others exceed in life. I also enjoy small talk so feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading,

Tommy White