BuySellAds, It’s Simple And Works Well


BuySellAds? Yeah that’s what you can do over at

They developers did an excellent job in making a very simple experience but yet so powerful. It’s very easy to use for both publishers and/or advertisers. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to advertise or if you have a website that needs a little extra funding I recommend you check them out.

For Advertisers they offer a control panel that tracks both Impressions and Clicks. It also records the click through rate for each site you are advertising on. The minimum price people can sell ads for is $10.00 a month. That’s not bad for 30 days of visitors.  BuySellAds is still growing so now is a good time to jump on board and search through their HUGE list of sites to advertise on and get some inexpensive advertising. I found a designer site that had just started using BuySellAds and before long their ads when from $10.00 to $150. I purchased my ad at the rate of $10.00 so I was locked in at that price until I canceled it.

For Publishers they offer you the ability to sell ads practically of any size on your site. However I would recommend you stick with IAB standards because most everyone that creates ads on the internet will follow these guidelines. Selling ads only takes a few moments to fill out a short form with information such as location of the ads on your site, how much, sizes and etc. Once you have completed the form and created a new “zone” for ads, you then add the code for it to show up. Then wait for someone to make a purchase!

Another perk is getting paid. You can request money either by PayPal, Wire or Check. I recommend PayPal because you can cashout 1-2 times a month. Wire transfers cost too much $$$ unless you are making thousands a month.

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