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tla allows you to sell text ads on your sites and blogs. If you have a site, any site, I would recommend looking into signing up an account.

They way it works is you can sell up to 10 links which will be displayed by adding custom code into your sites page or template. The ads show up in a row and can be customized by X number of columns you would like to display. A good example of how works is to visit the bottom of my T-shirt site

I have section called “Friends” and in it I sell links. I don’t want to take away from the whole aspect that I’m selling t-shirts but at the same time I don’t mind helping fellow shop owners or related companies. By adding that little block of links at the bottom of my site, I make anywhere from $300 to $400 extra a month. While that’s not much to some it’s enough to help me fund that project by buying business cards, giving away free shirts or some cheap advertising (which I’ll be discussing later on).

The only complaint I have with is that recently, for what ever reason, they took away direct linking to your advertising package. This means that if someone contacts you and wants to buy a text link, you have no way to telling them where to go buy it! I contacted support about this and was told their system functions differently now. People contact them and they put proposals together. Well that was by far the stupidest thing I have ever heard. After all money is money is it now? If someone wants to buy a link and give me money I really don’t care how it has to happen as link as it happens.

After some digging around I found out how to overcome this obstacle once again. I will be happy to explain how that is done later on if enough people are interested.

One other thing to note is that if you sell ads for.. lets say $50, Text-link-ads gets half of that. While that is a lot let me just say that at least you will be making money off of a spot that probably had nothing there to begin with.

So if you are interested in starting to make some extra $$$ please visit them by the link below (and yes it’s my affiliate link).

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