Ways To Advertise Your T-shirt Site


While digging through some old posts on my previous blog I located this one and figured it would be useful to someone.

Under their advertisement page you can create custom business pages.
They also have a ad section where you can buy Clicks or Views. It works well!

Everyone should know this by now.

I placed my 2nd order last week with this guy. The product is top notch and is great for the college scene, cookouts and pool parties.
Visit AdamsBalls.com

Everyone should know this by now.

Adbrite is sorta like google adwords but is more user friendly IMO. I once found a site that was on CNN and was able to advertise on it for a full month at only $14. It sent me thousands more hits that month.
Visit Adbrite.com

I use this company for both buying and selling ads. I make $250 extra a month advertising which allows me to turn around and buy more advertising for myself. You can buy ad space on places like Tshirtwatch.com and etc.
Visit TextLinkAds.com

This is another great advertising site I use. Basically people sell image ad space on their site and you bid on how much you will pay. It’s very inexpensive to do and you can start with as little as $10.
Visit ProjectWonderful.com

Giving Away Free Shirts
This works best. I give all my friends shirts, I give shirts away on myspace and wear mine everywhere I go. What this does is leads to questions from the public who see individuals wearing these shirts.

At the police department we had to chase down this one kid from a fight that had happened. Finally a few hours later at the jail he saw me wearing my “if you run you’ll only go to jail tired”, which lead to him wanting t-shirts for his band…

A friend wore his to Home depot and the checkout personnel laughed and asked where to pick one up. (business cards come in handy at this point)

I was at a fast food joint last week wearing my new “dear boss I quit” and was asked where to get it at.

Word of mouth works and works well…

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