Autoblogging Applications for Both WordPress and Joomla

One of the many new ways to generate traffic is by Auto blogging. What is Auto blogging you may ask? Auto blogging is basically where an application or script is setup to pull in articles written by other users. Most Auto blogger applications or scripts are done by using someone else’s RSS feeds. You can use Google news for example, maybe a movie site to pull in what’s playing and etc.

The best ones I have found so far are a paid plug-in for WordPress called AutoBlogged from I have looked high and low on the internet and this one in my opinion is by far the best solution. Just remember it is a paid plug-in and not open source.

For Joomla there is a free component which works really well by pulling in feeds and making them articles for your site. The application used to achieve this is called Feedbingo which you can download for free at

I use them both and would recommend them both. I would like to see some creative examples if you do decide to use them, so please feel free to post your links here.

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