Could not save your changes. Please refresh the page Error in Google Custom Search

So recently I decided to create a custom search engine powered by Google. Everything went OK for the most part but two things were very lacking. The first problem is the documentation for all the features of GCS in short just suck. No working examples just a word and what it does when used. Second problem is when trying to attach my Adsense account to my new Custom Search Page it kept telling me “Could not save your changes. Please refresh the page”. I tried other browsers and even from my phone. Once again it comes down to lack of good documentation. Without a custom error msg that tells you how to fix the problem users are left guessing. This was the case for me a hundreds of others. Finally I thought well maybe I’m missing something in my Adsense account. Sure enough there is a place to enable Adsense Search.

Once I enabled my Adsense search I flipped back over to Google Custom Search and filled out the section “Make Money” for the 50th time but this time it worked like a charm.

Hope this helps someone else!

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