Setting Up Google Voicemail on Verizon

Some months ago my Google Voicemail stopped working once I upgraded to my Samsung S6. After listening to many people complain that they couldn’t leave me voice mail, I really dislike voice mail anyways, I looked in to setting up my Google Voicemail again. This way it will transcribe my voice mails since I’m lazy… No really…

  1. Go to Google Voice Page
  2. On the left side click the … menu
  3. Click Legacy Google Voice
  4. From here click the settings gear in the upper right corner
  5. Under phone (if you have one linked already like I did) you can see a Activate Google Voicemail On This Phone. Click activate and follow instructions.

Example of what next page should appear as:


Once you follow those instructions everything should be working as intended. At least mine did.

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