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Recently I went from a Nexia Hub (Built in to my $399 thermostat) to a Smartthings Hub. One of the main reasons behind this is that I was tired of paying $10+ a month to automate some lights. Nexia worked decent for me other than the occasional can’t connect errors but paying them for me to automate just didn’t make sense. Thus I purchased a Smartthings Hub for around $70 and have been setting up a lot more automation’s than was previously possible.

Some of the pros and cons I’ve discovered as a first time Smartthings Users are listed below.


  • Easy to setup
  • Inexpensive to automate your home
  • Standard listed devices are easy to enroll
  • Automation is straight forward
  • Great community support group
  • Lots of devices both standard and generic


  • 2 different apps people are using (old and new)
  • Generic devices may require adding code at dev site (not too hard though)
  • Lighting bugs for turning lights off via motion (currently v2 hub only)
  • Presence senor, as phone, flaky at best

Going forward I really think Smartthings is the way to go. Once they migrate into a single app so that when you search how to pair a device or setup an automation, you don’t have to first figure out which app the other person is talking about. The cost factor is what really sold me. My device will pay for it’s self in 7 months vs the $10 a month fee I was paying.

As this technology grows devices are becoming cheaper in cost. When it first started a smart bulb was $30 each and now they are around $8 for a LED smart bulb. Other devices I’ve connected include Bosch Motion Sensors, Lights, z-wave Outlets, GE Outside outlets for holiday lights and my new ecobee thermostat.

In the end I would recommend Smartthings due to the ease of use and community support.

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