Why I Stopped Using My Nexia GOLD 824 Thermostat

When we ripped out our 30 yr old heating unit and had a newer HVAC installed the one thing I wanted was a smart thermostat that I could control remotely. The brand of HVAC we purchased came with a Nexia Thermostat which was really nice. It was made solid and had many options like weather, schedules, reminders, weather radar, humidity levels and more.

This thermostat has a z-wave bridge built in as well which is great for home automation. At least that’s what I thought until it kept getting errors after adding only a few lights. Turned out that you must upgrade based on number of devices you add. So I went from $5 a month to now $10 to automate a couple lights. For a while I was OK with this but as time passed I became annoyed. I paid $399 for a smart thermostat with a bridge built in and now they want more and more money each month for me to do basic functions.

Finally the day came when I started getting errors about my lights not responding to my commands and the thermostat was offline while trying to remotely control it. I started looking for other hub options and discovered that some big name hubs were under $100 and no monthly fees.  So I broke down and purchased a new hub and thermostat for less than I’ve been paying Nexia over the past few years to automate a couple lights.

Some tips for Nexia would be to bring the cost factor down on their monthly fees. I mean I didn’t mind paying for it at first but once I started to add more than a couple devices it starts to not make sense. The interface to add devices also needs an update. You can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes.


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