Google Voice Anyone?

So yesterday before heading out into the freezing cold here I received an email from Google stating I had been accepted in to their Google Voice Beta program. I signed up for this around a month ago and had forgotten all about it until now. After accepting I did some reading up on it and really liked what I was seeing. Just last night I was logged into the Verizon site looking for a way to remove my Voice Mail feature I purchased with my new Droid. I gave the application a 5 star because it was simple and worked but after having it for a month I ran into a few issues such as it telling me I had voice mail when I didn’t or saying that it couldn’t connect.

So now I’m using Google Voice and love it 10x more. What is Google Voice you might ask? It’s a one stop shop for all your telephone numbers, custom greetings depending on who’s calling you, free SMS and low international calling. Basically they give you a new one-4-all telephone number and if you have a office phone, cell phone and home phone, you can have them ring at any of the three places, no places or all places. This is great for when you’re on vacation or you need to make sure that important business call doesn’t get missed. The only downside is you have to give them your new number. Your old numbers still work the same. Google does however let you customize your number based on numbers available. So I made one that ended in NEK-KIDT for my t-shirt company.

Ever been in the situation where you were headed out with friends or a client to lunch but just couldn’t because of an important call you were waiting on at the office or house? No problem, just tell your house phone to ring your cell phone!

Another great feature that really sold me was being able to have custom greetings for each person that calls and there is another feature to block unwanted callers!

If I get some invites such as I did with Google Talk I will give them away here. So check back often.

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