How To Add Facebook Profile Pictures To Your Droid X2

So if you’re reading this then no doubt you’re having issues. I had those same issues today after upgrading 2 phones on my account to the Droid x2, which I love, from Verizon Wireless.
Let me say that this may or may not work for you. What I can say is that it worked for both of my phones.

I had set my phone completely up before realizing my contacts did not sync with Facebook and for what ever reason there is NO sync button anymore. So after a lot of trial and errors I came up with a method that worked.

Delete your Facebook App, if you have one, and also your facebook account details from the phone. Next on your phone there should be an app pre-installed called “Social Networking”, open it and add your facebook account through that application. Once added save the account and open your contacts. If all went well then your accounts should start linking VERY VERY slowly. Just look for profile pictures to start popping up on random contacts.

This was the only way I could get it to work for me. I don’t know why but it was. Here’s to hoping it works for you!

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  1. YOU ROCK!! This worked!! I am not sure they are all going to sync- but you have been the most help out there! Now facebook can have a few pics with the contacts!! 🙂 WHY did they remove the sync button? How odd.. 🙁

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