Krystal Blue Meat Specs

So the other day my wife and I were visiting Chattanooga and decided to grab something quick on the way home. After driving for a while we decided to just grab a sackful from Krystal and enjoy them on the trip home. Wrong! My first bite left me wondering what this blue object was staring back at me. I checked and over half of the hamburgers had this mystery color in them. I removed a piece of the blue and it was very rubbery but smeared at the same time between my fingers.

Knowing that this can’t be good I contacted Krystals who didn’t answer so I left a DETAILED message along with my name and call back information. What really ticks me off is they didn’t even bother to take the problem seriously and call me back. Here are some photos of what I found. You be the judge of what these mysterious blue objects could be!

621 Signal Mountain Road
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Phone: (423) 266-1364

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  1. My family and I were eating at a Krystal’s in Georgia earlier today, and we found the exact same thing in my sister’s burger! We didn’t search through the rest of the burgers we had because we were so disgusted, but the picture you have here is EXACTLY what was in her burger. I don’t understand what this could be. We will never go back to Krystal’s!

  2. Me and my sister-in-law literally just left a Krystal burgers in philedelphia, ms. Her burger had the same thing also. We went to the counter… THEY TOLD US IT WAS INK!!! I wish there was something to be done. It apparently is not uncommon.

  3. I see this is an old thread but on the off chance people will make it here when they Google the issue, I want to leave a response.

    I had the same blue specks appear in a Krystal in Mississippi just today, July 5, 2019. I was confused and concerned, and I saw where Kelli was told in 2013 that it was ink; this caused us to return our food and never wanting to return to a Krystal.

    As Tommy White did, I left a complaint with the Krystal corporation. I never expected a response to be quite honest. However within 5 hours of my complaint, I received a call from the district manager over the store I had gone to. And he explained to me exactly what the blue specks are.

    They are part of USDA food grade vegetable dye stamps that were placed on the meat after they were inspected by the USDA. These stamps mark that the meat was inspected and approved by the USDA. It is perfectly safe for the consumer to ingest. However, due to most customers not being aware of what this vegetable dye/stamp is or signifies, the managers at each individual Krystal are supposed to remove the patties with the visible dye. Unfortunately, it appears that this does not always happen for any number of reasons.

    The point is, it is safe to consume and therefore people should continue to enjoy eating Krystal burgers if they so choose.

    TL;DR: The blue specks are vegetable dye from the USDA and are safe to consume despite looking odd.

    I am in no way affiliated with Krystal. I am merely a patron who had a concern and was actually contacted and explained to.

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