New Text Link Ad Service For Selling Ad Space On Your Websites And Blogs

LinkVehicle which appears to be based on the same principles as offers it’s members to sell ad space on their websites and blogs, you can of course buy ad space as well. The site still has a ways to go on functionality but I like their concept a little better than it’s competitors. For instance they base ad cost off of Page Rank instead of traffic. Why do I like this better you ask? Well I have some sites that are high PR with decent traffic but competitor sites refuse to list them and I’ve had them queued for YEARS. LinkVehicle gives me an opportunity to list those sites others won’t based off their systems mechanics.

You can choose to list ads manually or automated along with the option of how many characters the ads will be.

They also offer a referral percentage. I have recently started using them so I have no big payments to post or percentages to share but when I do they will be posted.

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