TLA PRESELL PAGES NOW LIVE who I use to sell ads on my sites has launched a new ad service called Presell Pages. Below are more details.

TLA Presell Pages

We are excited to announce a great new product called TLA Presell Pages. This new product offers customized content pages where you write an article and place the ad within the content for the advertiser. This will help YOU monetize your site not only with TLA, but will help drive relevant traffic to your site by building quality content. TLA Presell Pages allows you to generate substantial long-term earnings with your premium websites.

Some features about Presell Pages include:

  • Publisher is required to write the content which will include the advertiser’s ad along with a couple of co-citation links to keep the natural look and feel.
  • Advertiser is required to purchase the product for multiple months, so time and resources spent creating unique content and setting up the advertisement is justifiable.
  • Article needs to be at least 400 words in length and the majority of the time is priced at least 50% higher than traditional TLA ads.
  • All pages created need to be linked from the home page (and stay linked from the home page for the duration of the ad).
  • You are allotted 96 hours (four days) to write the content and complete the order.
  • Maximum of five Presell Pages allowed per site.

To sign up for this new product, please click here and enroll all of the sites you would like to enter in this new exciting program. Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.

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