Twiends, Increase Facebook & Twitter Followers! Plus Twiends Voucher Codes

First of all Twiends is a great site that allows you to follow other users or like facebook pages by other users for a certain amount of “Seeds”. Each seed is worth a point basically and you can use those points to award other users for following you or liking your facebook page. Sound complicated? Well it’s not!

I tested is and was able to pull in 800+ fans in just a couple days. If you haven’t tried it yet do so at Twiends. Registration is free and there are several ways to get free seeds.

1.) like or follow other people
2.) fill out your profile page for an extra 100 seeds
3.) buy seeds on a subscription or one time purchase
4.) use voucher codes. Here a few that have worked recently:


Give them a try today at Twiends!

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