MC999 eBay Indefinite Selling Restriction And How Ebay Handles It Is A Joke

So if you’re reading this odds are you’ve received a MC999 eBay Indefinite Selling Restriction notice by email or in your ebay account. For some of you it’s probably because you’ve been very bad and for others like me you simply have no clue why this is happening. Well here’s my story and how ebay fails on so many levels with their new business model and customer support.

This email comes in titled MC999 eBay Indefinite Selling Restriction and the first thing that comes to my mind is “great, more spam” but sadly it was not the case. After logging into my ebay account the same message was there as well. The first thing I do is Google the title and come up with thousands of horrid stories. One of the stories talked about having to be put on hold for 271 minutes only to have customer support tell them there’s nothing that can be done.

With this in mind I set out to find out what’s going and appeal this error. Ebay has a dedicated help section just for this message but when I tried to view it the page was down with a big “OOPS” message. Next I try to contact them and there’s a section which asks if it’s about the MC999 message and once you choose that topic it basically tells you to go fly a kite because there’s nothing you can do. Even the email I received had no way to contact them to appeal or find out what the problem was and at the bottom of the email it says DO NOT REPLY.

As you can see I was running out of choices and fast so FINALLY I find the number to contact ebay customer support. With a 12 minute ETA hold time I opted to have a support person call me back which ended up happening faster than 12 minutes so I was pleased with that. During our conversation I explain about the MC999 eBay Indefinite Selling Restriction message and wanted to know what the problem was. This support person puts me on hold to look up my account, verifies my screen name and account, which were correct, and then tells me I’ve had a LOT of bad complaints / ratings which is why for the safety of ebay I have been banned from ever selling on their site. With a puzzled look on my face I ask how that could be because I have a perfect 100% rating and it’s been 14 months since I even sold anything. He again repeats that I have had a lot of complaints and that I have a negative rating which was later changed to neutral. I stated AGAIN that I have a 100% rating and have never had a neutral rating much less a negative rating. At this point he starts reading off the automated screen answer to try and get me off the call which to be honest pissed me off and still pisses me off. I quickly told him to stop reading his screen and tell me what the hell was going on and repeat that I have a 100% rating on my account. It’s at this point, finally, that he tells me it has nothing to do with my account that he’s pulled up but with my 2nd account……………………… The first thing I’m thinking is “great someone has used my email and signed up a spam account or something”, so I ask him if the account is linked by my email address because I only have 1 account and have had it probably for over 10 years. He tells me no it’s not linked by your email address but it’s linked to your account and it has received some bad reviews and is the reason why you have been banned… OH MY SWEET MARRY what the hell is going on because I’m getting irritated and once again I ask how the account, that I don’t know, is linked to me…. Here is the best part of this story….


So I just hang up. I was at a loss for words and so ticked off that I was actually laughing. In the end I just replied anyway to the message in hopes someone smart finds it.

UPDATE 11/17/2014. After many emails and calls (with no responses) I have redirected all my business to Amazon. I still don’t sell much online but took all my buying away from ebay as well and no longer recommend using Ebay when asked. One thing I don’t miss is not knowing or having to deal with some random individual that is just looking to make a sale on Ebay. Instead if something I buy on Amazon has a problem, within minutes, I am talking to support and my problem is resolved. I have had 3 total problems out of the thousands of orders I’ve placed. Yeah… I love that place.


Here is another good read on CNN from 2014 while searching to see if Ebay turned human or not.

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    • I read your article because I got the same message and wanted to let you know how I was able to get it resolved. Here are the steps I took:

      1. go to
      2. click on the “contact us” button on the right hand side.
      3. from the account section – click on the “account restriction and suspension” link.
      4. click on the “call us” link on the right hand side. This will generate a phone number and one-time password you can use for the call.

      After I called the number and used the password I was connected to a customer service rep. They reviewed my account to confirm history. Once they confirmed my account had a positive history they lifted the restriction. I then asked them why I received the message in the first place and they said the system generates those in error at times. Hope this helps you. by-the-way, i didn’t want to use my actual email address in your reply box, sorry.

    • In my case, there was an easy no-personal-contact workaround. EBay had old personal information on file (old address, no phone contact), so their system kicked me out, legitimately (I think). I went through the process of requesting higher limits at My EBay/All Selling, and it validated my identity, and restored my status. Took about 3 minutes all told.

      The MC999 bulk e-mail is poorly written, with an accusatory tone that suggests I’m a fake, and not offering a sane reason for the restriction or a path to reinstatement. This is something I attribute to EBay’s crack legal team. I guess if you get rid of the CSR layer, all you have left are the lawyers!

  1. This just happened to me. I received two negative feedbacks in the last month for items that “never arrived”. I had tracking numbers for both. I refunded both payments anyway. The negative feedbacks brought my seller rating down to 97.4% but I had an average detailed seller rating of 4.5. I know so many sellers who receive negative feedback all the time and nothing happens to them… I never got a warning, a suspension, notice of any complaints… Just a message saying my account has been restricted indefinitely. I know there are ways around this with fake names and stealth accounts but I think it’s probably for the best that I stop using eBay anyway. It’s eventually going to be phased out by Amazon and Etsy and more retail websites will come along that are better. I don’t want to have to depend on eBay for sales, I’d rather start building my own customer base with my own website. eBay really doesn’t care about its sellers – they proved that to us when they got rid of our ability to leave neutral and negative feedback for buyers. Also buyers can claim “item not as described” and mail you back the package with nothing inside and keep the item and there is NOTHING eBay will do about it. It’s really sad. They deserve an F from the BBB.

  2. Oh yeah and I’ve also been a member for 10 years! eBay really needs to make some improvements or they’re going to go down and lose to Amazon much like how Kmart is about to be annihilated by Wally World.

  3. I myself just received the same MC999 email this morning. I never sell any item in eBay and I got 100% good buyer rating. Just recently I got a box of legitimate phone cases to sell, eBay asked me to provide invoice as a proof of purchase and so I did. Within few days, I received this MC999 email. Looks like eBay didn’t give a single chance for first time seller having good intention to sell whereas many fake/illegal items still floating around in eBay market.

  4. I received an MC999 notice from eBay yesterday informing my that my account was linked to another and that my selling activity is now limited. I thought it was a phishing email at first as I have been an eBay user for nearly 15 years with 100% feedback. However, when I logged into my account I found that this notification was indeed genuine.
    So I used their online chat system to explain my innocence and suggest that they have made an error.
    However, the person on the other end of the chat refused to listen to me and strongly believes that the decisions made by their automated systems are correct.
    The rep gave replies such as:
    “ assured that we only take action on accounts when we have enough evidence and information to do so. ”
    “eBay have found out enough evidence to link your account to the other account, Barrie. That’s why we have notified you about this. ”
    When I demand to know what BS evidence this is I am told that they cannot tell me due to privacy reasons.
    So basically, hypothetically speaking I am accused of a crime I haven’t committed because there is evidence against me but I’m not allowed to know what it is. I’m sentenced without trial!
    eBay you need to sort this out, its very very wrong!

  5. I just received the MC999 today. I have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods over the last 7 years on Ebay. I personally went in today to there office in Draper, Utah to discuss the situation. The person assigned to help me was very impassionate and cold. My ebay dashboard looked good except for “product not as describe”. It was a little over there requirements. The Ebay employee said she cared, but she made no effort to seek a change or compromise for me. I purposely did a lot of buying through Ebay over the years, because I wanted to be a good partner with them. What a fool I have been!! They suck!!!

  6. Same here too. Just got “kicked off” ebay because I fell below their “standards”. I had a lady file a complaint a month and a half after getting the item. I knew she was lying and told her no to returning items. Ebay tells her to send back anyway. She sends back a piece of junk yard metal. REALLY! Ebay gives her MY money. Now she has my items and money. I give ebay the pics of the box and item she sent and they tell me…well we have to give her the money back because she sent “something” back. WTF???? They are bigger thieves than she is! Not only that, but then they let her leave me a negative feedback and not I am Indefitely restricted because I fall below their standards. Well Ebay is below MY standards. I will go to ebid and the hell with ebay. 14 years I was selling there and gave great service. When I called them, the stupid lady would only read the same sentence back to me no matter what I asked her. Ebay is the WORST company ever! Why isn’t there a better choice?

  7. Bottom line EBAY SUCKS…I am in same boat. I had a jewelry store that i closed a year ago, been too lazy posting items on ebay. So finally posted two of my beads….I just stated them as being “European beads for charm bracelet”….after no one bought anything…I listed all my beads in on enight, felt like I accomplished something, spent 5 hrs on the computer to wakeup that they restricted my selling! Why? All the beads I posted raised RED FLAG and THEY WERE BELOW MARKET VALUE!!! I need to get rid of inventory I told them….they said we have buyers that filed negative report…how??? When i never sold anything yet! I just posted them!! They have no answers just one ” We do not agree with your selling techniques”!!! How…when you dont even give people a chance, when fake crap is all over ebay with chinese sellers taking over….no one brings them down! But Oh lets just blow off the US sellers..thats great for the economy! I think we all feel better by complaining here, we all have same stories one way or another. I do hope they lose tons of market share. Amazon should do their own Auction site….get rid of EBAY!

  8. Hello, I too am a victim. I got banned indefinitely for relisting the same pair of shoes again without a proper description in 2 months. It actually went through the selling process one time and listed for 10 days without selling and no notice and wasn’t taken off. I saw it on my dashboard for unsold items with the relist function and I said why not. I got the item removed and restricted for 7 days. A few days later I got the indefinite ban email like I am running a counterfeit ring. Ridiculous. %100 rating across the board with no negative feedback. Customer service didn’t care and told me their is nothing to be done and no appeal whatsoever. I laughed it off. Wow. Ebay is riddled with sellers with poor feedback and fake items but since they are high volume sellers and business they get away with him, while individuals who casually are on it get lifetime bans because they are inexperienced sellers. I had only sold two items to this point, both with excellent feedback and spot on description. The customer service guy even agreed with me the policy is rather harsh in my case, but there is nothing he can do. My buying privileges were not suspended however, but I will not give them any more business. Have to stand up for injustice in any form even though there is nothing I can do about fixing it.

  9. eBay plain out sucks for support. I got suspended and I tried to appeal, but they wouldn’t bother to help me. I tried calling in many times and the reps were total useless or they would just hang up on me.

    Email doesn’t work at all and pointless with them. They don’t bother responding. I just have come to the end and kissed that account good bye. All 7 years of hard work and building it up is all gone in just one email.

    My only other option was to go stealth with the help of Auction Essistance, but am afraid of just jumping in again and having eBay suspend me.

    Do you have any suggestions on what to do?

  10. eBayisajoke that’s why I started writing about them years ago when they kicked me off too. I told them I would be a thorn in their side. They ban me from events, they have youtubers target me and threaten my employer (hubcapjoes) is one seller just google “Hubcapjoes Gant Stalking”.

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