NekkidTees Tops #1, Again


Once again, my side hobby project, has surpassed not just some but all of the top t-shirt companies on the web for the search term “cute t-shirts”.

While that’s only 1 term it is a very poplar term that generates and drives traffic to my site. I recently redid NekkidTees from the ground up which included the CMS I was using. I contribute much of my success to it but it helps to have a good background in what search engines are looking for when they visit your site. Most people spend days and weeks bloating their websites with garbage keywords, some people argue that the meta tags are no longer needed, others think you need to add an abundant amount of keywords to descriptions. Here is my tip. Just build your website, add descriptions, good titles, fill out ALL of your meta tags and then spend time advertising your site.

At the time of writing the current ranking for the term “cute t-shirts” is as follows for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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  1. You came in second for me but still: nice job. I guess you are using WP as a CMS. A tutorial for how to integrate your spreadshirt store into a CMS would be great. Hint hint.

    • It fluctuates and it also depends on which side of the coast you are on a lot of times. I had dropped down to 3rd a week ago but moved back up when I started using WP. I just checked again and I’m 2nd on Yahoo but first on the rest. Prior to WP I was using Joomla 1.5.x. I’ll do a write up on integration soon.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. I’m on the other side of the pacific so that might have an effect alright.
    Really looking forward to the integration tutorial.

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