Is the Spreadshirt Designer worth it?

In short, YES.

Many people ask me if it’s worth the $10.00 a month to get a designer along with other features. Yes it is. The designer allows your customers to interact with the products. This causes them to feel more empowered and makes buying a t-shirt that much more interesting when friends ask them where the shirt is from, they reply “I made it at”.

Over the years I keep a close watch on designer made sales vs. pre-made sales. In the end it evens out. One could look at it as 50% increase in sales by having a designer because maybe your customers didn’t find the pre-made colors, location or size of the design you made appealing.

I would recommend you at least try it. If you’re serious about starting a t-shirt shop then this is a very important tool. Hey what’s $10 to give it a try.

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