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People ask me if money can be made from using Spreadshirt and the answer is yes. It just depends how serious you really are along with a few other contributing factors such as

How much time you invest
This is the number one thing you will have to focus on. Running a shop requires some effort because there is always something to do or that can be done to help contribute to selling more shirts.

What products you offer
Spreadshirt offers on average 30-40 different types of products ranging from men clothing to toddler. What products you offer is a big deciding factor for shoppers. There are higher end products which after you factor in a design and commission can be upwards of $30 for a single t-shirt all the way down a $10 for a standard t-shirt.

What designs you’re selling
Another factor is going to be what types of designs you plan on selling. Do you have a goal in mind such as college only designs, maybe some cute designs or just focusing on baby products? This is something you need to ask yourself in advance. Who is my target audience?

Are you planning on using designs from other people
Spreadshirt does have a market place and they have thousands of designers that submit designs for other shop owners to use. This is great if you can’t design or don’t have time. The only draw back is each designer can mark their design up with a commission for you using their work. This means that if you use a marketplace design, add your commission plus the standard product markup from Spreadshirt, you’re probably going to have an overly priced product that no one will buy. Always look at the markup pricing from other designer works.

How are you going to advertise
Advertising is something that you WILL have to do. This doesn’t mean you have to run off and spend thousands of dollars on adwords & PPC campaigns. Simply take a step back and think who is my market and how am I going to inform them about my shop. Some good places to advertise is

  • – Make you a page there dedicated just to your shop.
  • – You can make a business page linked off of you main account.
  • Give away free shirts to friends. This is one of the BEST methods because it leads to WoM (word of mouth) traffic.
  • Spend $10-20 a month at They are new and you can find some great deals right now.
  • Request to be interviewed by t-shirt review sites on the web. There are a lot of them and they need content for their sites just like you need visitors to yours.
  • has a link exchange program. (if you are focusing on college clothing)
  • Submit your designs to places like &

With the above overview in mind take a step back before you start your shop and really put together a strategy plan because once you go live the first impression is what’s going to count the most.

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