As many of you have noticed I re-launched NekkidTees last month after doing a major back-end system change to manage my shirts. I did this because I wanted to provide more information for search engines. I also wanted to add user photos to each product page, similar shirts, short descriptions and a starting base price.

I plan on adding new categories this week and have been focusing most of my time on creating new t-shirts based off searches customers are using to find my site.

The Kids and Babies sections are still under development.

The NekkidTees logo received a minor makeover as well. I removed the shirt and tightened the the characters up some.

Now only time will tell if all this work was worth it.

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  1. Hi Tommy!

    You’ll be happy to know I have come across your website almost every day for the past couple of months while researching how to “spiff up” my spreadshirt shop! 🙂 Well done on your multiple websites and thank you for the great information.

    While I’m no code queen, I’ve decided to undertake the similar task of revamping my (new) site for SEO. For me, using iFrame has many disadvantages namely no actual text on my site for search engines to find – lol!.

    I’ve decided to code every product individually by hand and change all of my descriptions, titles and tags. Phew.. I get chills just thinking about it!

    I am currently trying to figure out if there’s a code to display a products complete info such as Picture, price, colors, size, add to shopping cart, etc. as it shows up on the home page of .

    The difference would be instead of using an iframe to display the products I could code it myself and therefore the title and type of apparel would be text on my site hopefully driving more traffic and giving search engines more than “home page” to read, hehe.

    I was wondering, was all the work worth it for you? 🙂 Did you end up getting more hits?

    Thank you for your time,

    • The only real way to automatically pull in what you are talking about is to take advantage of Spreadshirts API. I however have not used it :(. For me it was well worth my time in how NekkidTees is set up. I have control over all my entry pages, graphics, text, pricing, specials, fan photos and etc. I wouldn’t do it any other way, unless I used the API, so I’m very happy. I average around 4-6k visits a month from actual t-shirt related search queries. NekkidTees is a never ending project which I really enjoy working on. I think in the end you would benefit from the SEO more. I use wordpress as my starting point and int he past I also used Joomla. I hope you do well!

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