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Organizing your shop is a very important step if you run or are planning on starting a t-shirt shop with Spreadshirt. Basically once you create products there needs to be a way for customers to find these product on your site. Whether you plan on setting up products by categories, design, style or even gender, there has to be some way for you to parse all those products.

One simple way, that I do, is to add a search term in to your description field of each product. For example you could add sku-101, sku-102 and so on. What this does it allows you go formulate a search string to find all products with the description sku-101.

Sample: may pull up all t-shirts with a single flower design or maybe all flower designs (as an example).

The link above would bring up every product that contained the description sku-101. You could make the search term anything you want but remember to make each one unique and keep them the same amount of characters. Let’s say you have sku-1 and sku-101, if you search for either term ALL products for both will appear no matter what. Why? Because the system sees the search as sku-1 and sku-101. It will pull in all matching products that begin with sku-1. So if you have them all the same amount of characters such as sku-001 and sku-102, the search knows exactly what to pull in.

So I would recommend you to formulate your term for the long haul. If you use the example above make sure you start with sku-001 and not just sku-1.

I hope this helps and if you have questions please feel free to ask because that’s what I’m here for.

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  1. did you have to get a business license for the name of your t shirt company before you started selling on spreadshirt.

    • No, you can start a shop at Spreadshirt regardless. But if you are planning on growing and maybe doing it locally as well I would come up with a name that is unique and also research it, that way when or if you register the company you shouldn’t have any problems.

  2. Thanks for posting about this! I was just thinking that I need to learn more about how some of the other shop partners have organized products in their shops. I am eager to hear other tips for organizing your shop.

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