Spreadshirt Designer To Get New Features


Sometime next week Spreadshirt is set to release some new added features for shop keepers to take advantage of. Let’s take a look at what’s reportedly being added as posted by Temple on the Spreadshirt forums.

In Designer Shops:

  • More information for Premium partners on sales through their Designer shop, so you can receive a better idea of what customers are creating and ordering through your Designer shops.
  • Option to disable/enable the Text tab in Designer shops
  • Option to insert an inspiration Bar on either side of your Designer shop, which would show the products you created for your designer shop and the customer can then click the product to load it in the Designer. Some tests of the inspiration bar in shops showed it could increase the conversion rate.

In Classic Shops:

  • Option to display the Free color selection for the compact view of the shop. You can choose to display or not display this option. If you display the option,
    then the color squares will appear on the first view of the classic shop.

Out of all of those features the one I am most excited about it the designer shops displaying sale information from user created products.

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