Spreadshirt Rant and It’s Future With Partners

I’ve been with Spreadshirt for a long time and have always enjoyed their platform. That is up until the past few years. Why you might ask?

It started with false promises and the first one is partner branding. In the beginning partner shops were supposed to be unique and have no or limited Spreadshirt advertisements displayed on both the site and orders. This never seemed to materialize and partners started to get annoyed as the material sent by Spreadshirt drove customers to their portal which would cause us to lose profits.

The major issue I have is with the new javascript based shopping carts and the limitation allowed from them. In the beginning it seemed like it would be an OK idea but soon I realized how devastating it would be for custom shop owners who have built out custom sites with thousands of product pages. I am one of those. Having around 4000+ pages of custom designs, custom content and static pages helped me rank my T-shirt site in to the top 1 to 3 results on Google. I ranked higher than Cafepress, Zazzle and others. It took me, solo, a lot of work to get this kind of results and it paid off. My site was averaging 15k visitors a month and sales were coming in. Then along comes this great idea to redo the whole platform and use javascript based carts.

Some of the issues, still remaining today, is deep-linking changed which caused shop owners a lot of work. The only thing I could do was basically shutdown 4000+ pages since we were unable to pass custom category codes through the Javascript. When I brought this up people would just argue and say it wasn’t important. The lack of SEO is appalling on their end and more so for existing shop owners. I knew what was going to happen but Spreadshirt had a deadline for the change. Once changed sales plummeted as did traffic.

Another issue I have is the new forum system. It’s like taking a step back to the 80’s. I still am not sure why they thought this was a good idea other than maybe because of all the complaints people had. Or the fact that I had helped and made more posts then any Spreadshirt staff on there 🙁

Today they have made a few adjustments, all of which I had suggested over a year ago, and it is somewhat easier to work with. The problem is I don’t want to spend months redoing my site, deep-linking and, well basically, starting over.


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