Problems I’ve Had With My Droid Requiring A Return

So I’ve had my new Droid phone for some time now and wanted to go ahead and get the ugly issues out of the way before I get into all the great and wonderful applications and functions the Droid does.

  1. First problem I ran into was that the bottom left corner of my touch plate was loose. It wasn’t enough of an issue that I felt the phone needed to be returned. Once I added a case to my Droid it reduced the amount of looseness enough that I hardly noticed it.
  2. The next problem I had, which I returned my phone for another one, was dust / dead pixels appearing on the top right corner of my screen. After much examination I came to the conclusion it was indeed dust. Another related problem to the dust on the inside of the touch screen was a small orange piece of who knows what floating around from time to time. It was about the size of a pencil lead. This piece would float around at random and I would have to turn the phone sideways and tap it until the orange piece went off the side of the screen. Because of this I decided to return the phone as I didn’t want to spend a large amount of time tapping something off my screen and also because of the dust that started collecting after only a few weeks of use.
  3. The new phone came, well not new which is what annoys me more than anything about Verizon. If you buy a brand new phone from Verizon online and have to return it, they send you a “certified like new” phone. This means that you basically paid a large amount for a phone that someone else has returned for some other reason. Once I opened the phone I found out right away why it was returned by someone else. The top and bottom left side of the touch screen plate was loose just like my previous one. Only this time it was both corners. While it worried me some I decided to look up how many other people had this problem and found that it quite common. I decided to keep this phone as while it was loose, it still clicked and stayed in place.

As you can see those are the only problems I have had with the phone so far. I still love this phone over any phone I have ever owned. The dust getting under my touch screen is associated with the speaker hole near the top of the phone. I assume dust from pants pockets and etc could cause dust to go inside the unit at some point and then appear under the screen. If you google “dust under my droid screen” you will see that a few people have this issue. Some are worse than mine. One tip to help reduce the amount of lint in you pockets is to wash your pants inside out. I also carry a microfiber cloth with me in the same pocket at all times.

Other than that I have not had any issues. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask me here.

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