and their False Advertising to gain customers

So I have a few friends and wanted to take advantage of the opportunities offers. On their site once you’re a member it states you can share a referral link and for every person that signs up and spends X dollars they will give them $15. Along with your friends getting money you will also get $15 to spend. I thought wow this is great as it states no restrictions. So I share my personalized link and in a day or so I had $45 to use. Great!

Wrong! I started to notice that I never received another credit going forward from that day. I thought that maybe no one else was interested and moved on from it. This month, March, I decided to share my link again and had 0 results. A friend contacted me and said that when they tried to sign up, stated that I had hit my limit but they could continue the registration process to receive a $15 credit.

I double checked and no where did it say that there is any kind of limit. More importantly it just tells all it’s users to share via Facebook, Twitter and email to get credits. When in reality they are scamming you. is building it’s customer based on false offerings. They don’t tell you that those 100 people using your referral link will send you 0 credit but yet the page tells you that they will.

I contacted asking them to show me the invitation clause on their site. Below is the response I received.

Hi Tommy,

Thank you for being a Boxed customer and for spreading the word! There are a few things to note when sharing your personal referral link with your family and friends:

– Your referral does not reside in the same household
– Your referral must use your personal invite link: LINK DELETED when creating their account with Boxed
– Order must be their first order with us and reach a minimum of $60+
– May not be combined with any other promotions
– Valid for up to 5 redemption’s. 

Once the order gets shipped and delivered, you will receive $15 in Boxed credit in your account. You can see your credit in your account here: LINK DELETED. Your credit will be automatically applied to your next order at checkout.

So as you can see they still did not direct me to the information I needed, but instead simply mentioned that there is a 5 person limit. I am OK with a limit so don’t get me wrong but once that limit is hit they need to stop telling it’s customers that they can still earn rewards by sharing their personal referral links.

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