My Complaints with the Keurig 2.0 Brewer

To be fair I did read A LOT the reviews online after my wife informed me she liked a deal that was on QVC and wanted to order the new Keurig 2.0 system. Even with ALL the NEGATIVE reviews I ordered one and love it. Now with that said….

What bothers me most is how the company is marketing the new system to it’s users. A lady called into QVC during the sale of the new 2.0 system (where I bought mine) and wanted to know if they had plans of offering a way for her to use “her favorite” coffee. Keurig basically stated that she should find one they make and like it. They also stated that the new technology is to “Make and guarantee a perfect brew”. Now if that little white ring had more information in it other than a marketing scheme I could understand. I mean I would even appreciate it more if it knew EXACTLY how much water should be added to my Hot Chocolate so that I get that “Perfect Brew”. It however doesn’t and instead will ask you to pick what size cup (how much water). As I said it’s a marketing strategy that will upset the majority of previous Keurig Owners.

Like many others I only bought this machine for the updated features. If they were to continue improving their product I would upgrade or buy other accessories offered from the company. It is very disappointing to me that Keurig wants to force me to drink “their coffee”. On another note I have tried the Coffee from Keurig’s Green Mountain and since then canceled my account with them due to lack of good coffee. Just a little something for you people at Keurig to think about… Times will change, more coffee will be available for it after their complaint department is overwhelmed with calls and negative reviews. I’m sure next year when the 3.0 system comes out the opening sales pitch will go something like: “we listened to your suggestions and have found a way to “Make that perfect brew” while allowing you to use your favorite coffee vendors!”.

One can only hope…

All in all I really do love my Keurig systems and have recommended to everyone. Even the ones that think spending hundreds of dollars on something to make coffee when major retail chains offer a simple solution for only a few dollars is absurd.

/end rant


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