Godaddy Hosting and Pushing Products Through Support Rant

I am a HUGE fan of Godaddy as a domain registrar. Past that it always seems to go down hill. Back 10 years ago I tried their hosting and it was slow or always down. I’m sure since then it’s improved or at least I thought. Recently I had to use their hosting service for a client and right off the bat I get issues. During the setup process it tells me I must modify the A record myself with a IP that wasn’t the servers IP. I found this odd but did it anyways and sure enough nothing worked.

Now back years ago it used to literally take days before DNS servers would propagate across the web. In today’s time it’s “usually” faster, sometimes minutes. Moving forward this is where my rant comes on. I called tech support 16 hours later and asked them to verify that something wasn’t wrong since the A record was technically incorrect in my eyes. Upon talking to support they stated I had other issues and would get with me about those in a few minutes.

Changes to the A record were performed and it was directed to the correct IP, as it should have done from the start. Then the waiting starts all over for the propagating process. The support person still says there is issues with resolving and wanted to send me down the row to a hosting specialist. Before he does he tries to up sell me a SSL certificate talking about how a message will start popping up soon to all visitors saying the site was unsecured and hackers could still data.I tell him I understand and let’s move on.

The next guy starts off our conversation by saying he see’s other issues with my account and that he’ll address them after we look at the account. To save time with this story in the end he says he can see the site fine but I need to purchase SSL. I decline as cPanel issues auto SSL’s to help curb these issues.

The Next day….

I still have issues and call back to re-check and make sure everything is on the up and up. I had checked with friends first, all over the world, to make sure it wasn’t showing up at all for them. I call support, as they asked me to do the day before, and the first thing I’m told is there’s other issues with my account. Once again they are trying to sale me a damn Godaddy SSL.

On a side note we have a Godaddy SSL for another client and it stopped working properly as of today. This bleeds over to my next rant coming up about Google.

In short when I call support I want to get in and out with my issues resolved or determined. I don’t like someone trying to up sell me products when I’m trying to fix things. It pisses me off almost as bad as working on my on PC when it breaks. I would have been OK with them saying “hey, also if you would like more information about SSL certs we would be happy to send you over to sales if it’s something you’re interested in.” But no every damn rep is trying to push products during a time of support.

/end rant

PS I had to move the site to another hosting and it works fine.

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