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It’s getting close to that time of year again were everyone is rushing to have their taxes done. One of my biggest complaints for tax services is the lack of knowledge they really have. For example the H&R block commercials really piss me off when they come on. Why you may ask? Well I have went to H&R Block for several years before finally getting fed up with it all and looking for an alternative.

My last few visits at H&R made me realize just how little knowledge they have about taxes. Basically they hire “tax season” helpers that have never done taxes and stick them in front of a computer which walks them through helping the clients do their taxes. This is a HUGE problem when you ask questions. One year I asked about writing off a room dedicated to my self-employment activities. I was told I could not write if off. The next year they made me measure every inch of it and told me I couldn’t right off any utilities. The following year they told me it was a flat 20%.

After many years of being self-employed you tend to learn more and more. I went straight to the state when I had questions and use alternate means of doing my taxes now. My favorite tax software is the online version of Turbo Tax. It walks you through the processes AND provides you with help information describing exactly what they are looking for as an answer. It also costs me $200 LESS than going to H&R Block which I like a lot considering all I’m doing is paying some person with less knowledge than me to enter in information.

Anyways I thought I would share my opinion as the stupid H&R Block commercial just went off and talks about “saving” you money with their professionals. What a joke!

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