SeoQuake FireFox Add-on

I use this add-on religiously… Every single day. What it does is provides you with very important information.

For starters it shows the following for any site you visit (I use it primarily for my own sites)

URL: page you are on
Title: title of the page
Meta keywords: page keywords
Meta description: page description
Internal links: how many links the site has pointing at other internal links
External links: how many links are leading away from the site
Google Page Rank: Your page rank at google
Google Index: How many links you have in Googles index
Yahoo Links: How many links you have at Yahoo index
Yahoo Linkdomain: Shows other sites linking back to you
MSN Index: How many links you have at MSN index
Alexa Ranking: Shows how popular your site is based on traffic and other criteria
Webarchive Age: Shows previous pages/layouts/sites at your domain along with the first time a site went live
Delicious Bookmarks: Lists the number of people who have bookmarked your site and shows who
Whois: Provides basic information about the site
SEM Rush Ranking: Compares your site with others in the world of money marketing such as Google Adwords
SEM Traffic Pricing: Shows how much you should be making based off keywords, popularity and rankings
Keyword Density: Displays keywords and keyword phrases within the sites

SeoQuake can be downloaded here

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