Cloning A SSD To A Larger SSD

Over the years technology changes for the good. One example is data storage devices are getting much faster. Several years ago, when SSD was just coming out, I built a new gaming system. The PC used a Crucial 240GB SSD, the largest available at the time and most expensive. As time moves on so does the amount of data storage needed for applications. From updates to simply installing new software, I found that space was getting limited. My issues mainly come from Warcraft being 70+ GB in size and from some photoshop files I work with taking up 20+ GB in temp. Next you have the OS that’s also taking up the normal size.

I had configured my system to use the SSD as on the boot drive and changing the symbolic links for Docs, Music, Photos and etc to a 2TB Seagate HDD. This saved me a lot of headache for years but finally space ran out and it was time to upgrade.

Now I can’t stand to reinstall an OS, much less ALL the programs I use. Then install updates after updates along with move files around and restore backups. I mean it’s one of the worse things to do and even worse when it’s your own PC!

In comes a device I actually bought YEARS ago, the Inatech SATA Hard Drive Docking Station, purchased from Amazon back in 2016.

This devices primary function was to do data recovery and forensics of some clients. I remembered that it could copy disk as well, even though I had never done it, so I dug it out and off we go. The instructions were missing so after a quick scan of the amazon questions page someone else had asked what I needed to know.

  • Basically you insert the SOURCE DRIVE (the one you need duplicated) in Slot A
  • Next you put the TARGET DRIVE (the new one you plan to use) in Slot B
  • Power on the device and wait for both A & B lights to be amber in color
  • Finally press and hold the CLONE button for 4 seconds, release and when the 100% light turned blue, immediately click the CLONE button again. (This happens fast)

If you succeeded the 25% light will start to blink. This indicates that the copy process is underway.

A few things to note! The TARGET DRIVE must be the same size or LARGER than the SOURCE DRIVE. In other words don’t try to copy a 240GB drive to a 200GB drive. The drive I copied was 240GB and the new one was 1TB. The process took me less than 5 minutes.

I popped the new one back in to my PC and I was back up and running!

Now the issue you will still have is that while the CLONE worked, the drive partition is still the same as your old drive. This defeats the purpose since the end goal was to use all of the larger drive.

To overcome this issue you need to expand your primary boot partition (The original sized drive) to include all of the additional allocated space. Windows Disk management would NOT let me do this. No matter what I tried it just refused.

In comes some software by

They offer a free version that will do what you need. I downloaded and installed the free version. Clicked on my Boot Partition and then checked the box next to the additional allocated space that was open and clicked execute. The software told me it would need to reboot to finish, since it was a boot partition, so I agreed and like magic I now I have 1 TB space without reinstalling ANY OS or Software.!

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