Live Help And Tracking For Your Web Site


If you’re looking for the ability to interact with your customers or even visitors then I recommend a free web application called Crafty Syntax. The maker of this web application had dedicated a lot of time in making this a great feature for any site.

Some of it’s abilities are:

  • Unlimited operators, departments, and users
  • Live Support with visitors on your site in real time
  • Proactive chat invites
  • Typing Preview to see what is being typed as it is being typed
  • Chat Transcripts and Logging
  • page and referrer Tracking
  • Canned Messages

Even if you’re not looking for live chat help on your site, the tracking tools combined with it provide a great amount of details.

For example it logs

  • Where the visitor came from
  • Keywords they searched on search engines
  • IP address
  • What pages they viewed and for how long
  • Total number of page visits for each page in your site
  • How much traffic came from a referral and in graph form
  • and more

So if you’re looking for an interactive way to communicate with your customers or you just want to follow them through your site, I would highly recommend Crafty Syntax. The installation is easy and only requires that you have a database and add a snippet of code to your site.

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