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Having owned a lot of domains which run WordPress one of the biggest challenges is always keeping the WordPress core or Plug-ins updated when security or new releases are available. Having to log in to each site, update files, update plug-ins, log out and continue on is very time consuming. This got me thinking and looking for a solution. Not only did I want a way to mange my own but also customer sites, that lets face it, never update or care about managing their site once it’s live.

This eventually landed me at

What this company / site does is allows you to manage bulk installations from a single control panel. The control panel doesn’t even have to be on the same server which is even better. The setup steps are simple.

  1. Download and install the IWP control panel. You can install it anywhere. It will need a database and I recommend a separate database solely for this software.
  2. Once it’s installed log in to your WordPress site and install the plug-in from the repository called IWP.
  3. Once installed and activated it will give you 3 fields that you need to enter in to the IWP control panel.
  4. At the bottom of the control panel, right side, you will see the ability to add a site. Clicking this will bring up a window to enter the 3 fields in to.
  5. Once the fields are populated click save and you now have your first site added.
  6. Repeat for all sites.

A couple things to note is if you get an error when trying to add the site you may have to click advance and choose Multiform as your server may not allow for the default method of connection. Also you will need to add a CRON job which will check for site updates every 20 minutes, or what ever you decide.

If all goes well and you have everything set up you should be able to see the full list of sites. The control panel will display if each site needs a Core Update, Theme Update or Plug-in Update. It will show how many what what updates are needed. You can choose to update each one or all of them at once and even all sites at once.

All in all the setup took me about an hour, because of all my sites, but it will save me hundreds of hours in the end.

The software is FREE and where they make their money is by offering installations, and a LOT of other Add-ons that offer some of the examples below taken directly from their site.

  • Add your agency’s logo to the report and publish as PDF
  • You can also add custom WP work done other than via InfiniteWP


  • Remove post revisions, auto draft posts, spam comments and unapproved comments
  • Optimize database tables of all your WP sites


  • Be notified instantly via email if any of your sites are down
  • Monitor unlimited number of websites centrally


  • You can scan multiple sites at once
  • Find your infected sites before search engines do


  • View google analytics of all your WP sites in a single location
  • View weekly and monthly comparative stats


  • Manage recent comments across all your sites
  • Approve, Unapprove, Spam, Trash & Delete comments centrally
  • View site-wise comments to posts


  • Publish posts, pages and links simultaneously on multiple sites
  • Manage posts on all your WP sites


  • Install a fresh copy of WordPress
  • Clone an existing WordPress site within minutes
  • Clone a WordPress site from a backup file
  • Automatically manage the new installation from the InfiniteWP admin panel


  • Create Daily, Weekly & Monthly backup schedules
  • Manage backups and restore them from a central location
  • Use along with Backup to Repositories addon


  • Quick Backup to Cloud services like Amazon S3 & Dropbox
  • Backup to other servers via FTP
  • Manage backups and restore them from a central location


  • Create new users and manage them from a central location
  • Easily change roles for users across multiple sites
  • Change passwords
  • Delete users and reassign their posts to other users


  • Run custom PHP codes simultaneously on all your WordPress sites
  • Save code snippets that you use often and load when needed


  • Brand the InfiniteWP client plugin with your agency’s branding, or
  • Hide InfiniteWP client plugin from the plugin list

All in all I love using their interface and software so far. At this time I would recommend it to anyone as a means to increase workflow be reducing work hours. Since the core and main function I needed is free I would recommend for anyone to give them a try.

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