Rooting Your Kindle HD & Installing Google Play

So the other day I realized I hate my Kindle Screens. It always adds crap to the carousal I don’t want to see. It puts my most used apps far down the list and well it’s really just not a productive piece of equipment. Now I do live Amazon and use them all the time. I love buying digital books as well but not having the freedom to play games or run apps that others are raving about is just not cool!


1.) Download tools needed to root device

You can find these tools by visiting the Android Forums here.

I only needed Bin4ry’s Tool when I did it. Follow the instructions per the forum guide.

2.) Activate 2 functions needed on your Kindle.

You will need to activate “Allow Installation of Applications” (On).
You will need to activate “Enable ADB” (On).

These are located under your settings screen and device menu. Also under security.

3.) Root Root Root

If everything is set in place and you’ve extracted the root tools earlier then the next step is to hook up your Kindle to your PC via USB cable. If all goes well it will find the device and install the drivers. Mine did on Windows 7.

Next Run the RunMe.bat file in the extracted tools directory. Select option 1 and if it located your device it will run through the processes. At some point your Kindle will prompt for a restore. Select Yes (I did) and the Kindle will Reboot. Once rebooted the CMD prompt will take a few minutes to detect the device and continue rooting. It will let you know once it’s done.

If RunMe.bat doesn’t detect your device it’s probably going to be a drivers issue and you may need to locate the proper drivers.

4.) Once Rooted We Play, Google Play that is

Again you will need to visit the Android Forums here and download the files needed. Extract the files on your computer then plug up the kindle and browse the SD card. Locate the Download folder and copy the 3 extract files to the Download folder on the Kindle.

Next download ES File Explorer from the Amazon Marketplace, it’s free, and open the apps settings menu. Make sure to check all the boxes listed under settings. This includes Root Explorer. A warning box will appear if you have root and everything is working as intended, just click accept on the warnings and continue.

Now go back to the download folder and tap GoogleServicesFramework.apk to install it.

Once done copy Vending.apk and navigate to the /system/app directory. This is on the Kindle and not the SDcard so make sure you go up a few navigation levels until your no longer inside the SDcard. Once in the /system/app directory paste Vending.apk.

After pasting make sure to reboot your Kindle.

Once rebooted open ES File Explorer again and navigate to /system/app. Long press the Vending.apk icon to get the menu to appear. In the menu select properties and then the Change button. In here you will want to make sure Read/Write is checked for user and Rad is checked for Group and Other. Tap OK to exit and then tap Vending.apk to install.

Now if everything has went as planned you can navigate to your Apps panel on the Kindle fire and tap the newly installed Market Icon. You will need to log in with your Google Account credentials as always. Once you are in and can browse the marketplace exit out of everything and load the ES File Browser once more. Navigate to the download folder and tap to install Gplay3.8.17.apk which is the updated marketplace.

Once installed to test out the new market!

If I’ve missed a step or you’re having problem please feel free to let me know as it’s been a few days since I did this to mine.


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