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I figured I would let every know my experience with both the PRESS PLAY FlexCable™ and While browsing Facebook an ad appeared and it was for the cable mentioned. I looked it over and figured it would be a great addition to my vehicle when I’m out and about.

The ad was for which I had never even heard of. I went ahead and placed the order which arrived fairly quick. I used the item for only a couple of days, a couple of times, when it started falling over. After inspecting the item I found the plastic around the USB dongle to have expanded from the weight of the phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with no added weight, such as a case.

I notified MobStub within 9 days of the 15 required and they responded a few days later wanting pictures. I was busy running my businesses and dealing with client installations so it did take me a while to get the pictures to them, however I still notified them within the time frame.

MobStub closed my ticket within a matter of days. I reopened it and sent the pictures but was told in a short and sweet msg that I did not notify them within the 15 days of the item being delivered.

Needless to say they took the cheap way out and I’ll just shop else where now.

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