Sausage And Cheese Gift Baskets For The Holidays? Swiss Colony VS Figis

As Christmas approaches and if you’re anything like me a family tradition is a meat and cheese gift basket. Over the years I’ve had baskets from various places but by far my most favorite is Swiss Colony. Others may disagree but as with anything in life it’s just a personal favorite for several reason.

Last year we ordered from and what a mistake that was. First off all their magazine looks great but when the food arrived it looked generic AND all my cheese was molded green, yes GREEN CHEESE. I called and complained at which time I was told another basket was going out the door that day. Three weeks passed and no basket. I called, got the run around and was basically told they didn’t have any idea what was going on and had no record of me calling before. Regardless they sent me out another basket which I received a week later. After opening it I was back to being pissed off because the cheese again was molded. I called to complain and told them I didn’t want another replacement just my money back and that I would gladly send the product back so that they could see how terrible the cheese looked. I was told no thanks! WEEKS later I received my money and haven’t ordered from there since.

Now I do understand that sh*t happens. Other people may have had the same problem with Swiss Colony but I have not and will continue to use them until I do and then it will have to be bad.

My only other complaint with any meat and cheese basket establishment is the pictures ALWAYS look like you’re getting more for your buck. They use smaller plates or ornaments to set a “bigger” picture.

I wrote this to share my opinion and hopefully get feedback about your experiences.

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