SwiftReply Deluxe For Motorola Droid

SwiftReply is by far one of my new favorite applications for my Motorola Droid. What does it do you might ask?

SwiftReply allows you to setup auto responses for people texting or calling you via cell phone when you are busy or maybe just don’t want to be bothered.  All you have to do is setup a few responses which you customize 100%. Here is a few of mine.

  • Sleeping
    Auto Reply: Sorry I am currently sleeping.
  • Meeting
    Auto Reply: Sorry I am currently in a meeting.
  • Not Accepting Calls
    Auto Reply: Sorry I am currently not accepting calls at this time.
  • Movie
    Auto Reply: Sorry I am currently watching a movie.
  • Mars
    Auto Reply: Sorry I am visiting Mars. Please try back later.

Not all that text is 100% what I typed. You can have it say anything and the words Auto Reply was also added by me.

This is a paid application but they do have a free version. The paid version removes the copyright notice that the message is powered by SwiftReply. I think it was around $4.99 but I can’t remember.

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