Verizon Droid 2.1 Update Released, I’m Not Happy

After many months of waiting the Android 2.1 update is finally here and it’s been whittled down to nothing in my opinion. Here is what I’ve experienced.

  • Frames Per Second have dropped by half, going from 64ish to 30ish.
  • We didn’t get 5 screens like originally shown and blogged about all over the internet.
  • We didn’t get the 3D launcher like the nexus one did.
  • Live Wallpapers puts more strain on battery life and really not that cool… I guess I’m not really into the whole “I can make my wallpaper look like water and watch when I touch it… it makes water rings!!!” or maybe it’s just that my friends don’t get a shit and I look retarded showing them?
  • News and Weather Widget.. are you kidding? There are hundreds of apps that do this better in the market place.
  • Gallery function is the only good thing in this update. But again I don’t look at my pictures enough to really give a damn.
  • Pinch to zoom has been added to work in more applications but I just double tap to zoom in where I need to perfectly.

In short:

If you want half as much performance, the same amount of screens, the same launcher, a new widget, a better gallery app, and some animated wallpapers, then you’re going to LOVE this update!


I didn’t buy my phone for these updates so I really don’t give a damn but more functionality such as 5 screens I did look forward too. I still love my phone, even though it’s slower now, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.. well maybe a Nexus one?

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  1. The HTC desire looks pretty sweet. It was just released on my carrier a few days ago. Of course there will be a new iPhone this year too…just around when my contact is up. Hopefully it will have one of those screens that Samsung has that you can easily see in the sunlight.

  2. I totatlly agree Tommy. I finally got mine and was very disappointed. Gallery was the only thing I liked in the change!

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