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Some months ago I had one of the Godaddy reps contact me about a few expiring domains, which I had already taken care of the day before, and mentioned how I could benefit from the Domain Discount Club. They went over the cost which is basically $90 and what came with it. One of the things I was most interested in was the Express Domain Appraisals but now they are basically free since Godaddy offers a quick appraisals service for free on the front page.

A few months have passed and today I had 10 domains coming up for renewal. Seven .com, 2 .net, and 1 .org domain were in the lot. I pondered for a minute after searching for coupons on and a couple other places then decided to research more into the Domain Discount Club. Below is a breakdown that applies to ME.

Today’s Renewals
.com x7
.net x2
.org x1
Total price (with coupons applied) $116

Total cost of 1 yrs Domain Name Club $90

After joining the Domain Name Club the price of renewals were $82

So basically $116 – $82 = $34 discount just for today
Now add the cost of the DDC which was basically $90 and todays total was $172 instead of $206.

That’s a decent discount if you ask me and only on 10 domain names. I own 48 at the time of this writing. Take an average of 50 domain names at 5 (amount by 10) x $34 (average savings) = $170 – $90 (membership fee) = $80 a year in savings on average. It will actually be slighting more based on the extensions I have.

So is the Domain Name Club really worth it to me? I would have to say yes because $80 is, well, $80 I wouldn’t have normally left over after paying my domain names. On top of that you get free cash parking during the time you’re a member, 100 domain monitoring services (be notified of updates to domains you might be tracking or interested in) and free membership to the Godaddy Auction which is normally $5.

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