Google Google Oh Sweet Google Why Do You Hate Me So

As I type out this random blog post I am banned from searching Google yet again after only executing 2 searches this morning. One was for a phone number to a business in Florida and the other was to find a SSH FTP Application for a client that’s easy to use.

But after that I get the famous “you must be a computer sending automated requests”. Now if I’m not mistaken Google is a search engine correct; or am I mistaken after all these years? The object is to type in queries in order to find information; or at least I thought that’s what Google was for.

I did a bit of research thanks to allowing me to search the web with their search engine, which I must add is really nice. I don’t know if it’s just how it looks or the fact that it freaking let me search the INTERNET. Either way I am thankful and wanted to acknowledge a working search engine. The research showed that I am one of 10’s of thousands with the same problem. Go figure.

I fully understand the purpose of what Google is doing, I really do, but I am not automated in any way and therefor can not agree with this search engine giants decision to ban me. I could under stand if I was typing in raw machine code or etc, but I’m not. I am merely looking up sites, applications, phone numbers, and restaurants. How can that be offensive to Google?

Anyways It’s time for me to get back to work so I’m cutting this rant short. Reply with your comments if you’ve had the same issues.

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