Responsive Design – Why You Should Already Be Doing It

There comes a time in life when you just have to go with the flow. That flow today is responsive design. I run a lot of sites of which none were responsive. For those of you that don’t know what responsive means I will explain. Responsive design basically means that the website, in my case, will flow naturally across multiple devices. While this site does not do that, at the time of this writing, it will in the near future. One of my examples for you to check out would be I have set the site up to be device friendly across a wide range of devices. The problem is almost every device is different. Some are wider while some are taller and etc. So what I did was pick the best range of devices on the market today and design around that. I chose the iPad, , iPod, iPhone 4 & 5, Motorola Androids, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and a few others. These devices have both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical), so I had to design for both device positions.

Now I will admit with existing sites it does require a little work but in the end it’s well worth it. You may be asking “Do I really need to be worried about what my site looks like on a tablet or phone?” and for me the answer was yes. My analytics program showed that on any given day out of 1000 visitors 300 where from mobile… That’s enough to make me worried about what someone on a mobile device was seeing. Thus I started making my sites responsive. Now I am no expert but jumping right in is the best way to learn in my opinion. Now my sales, total time visitors are on my sites and social shares have increased.

In the end it comes down to the realization that times and technology, like they always have and will, are changing. Someone the other day mentioned that they had heard desktop computers would be obsolete. I don’t believe this will ever happen for various reasons but the fact does remain that while we are always on the go a mobile device of some kind is in hand.



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