Statpress Search Error Fix


I wanted to take a moment and inform other Statpress users how to fix the searching error

“Cannot load wp-statpress/statpress.php.”

The above error message kept appearing each time I executed the search function of Statpress. After some searching around the only suggestion I found was to rename the plugin directory and reactivate the plugin. I was afraid that might break more than just the search so instead I located and fixed the problem and here is the solution.

Around line 819 of statpress.php located in your plugins/statpress/ directory you will see the following line of code:

<input type=hidden name=page value=’wp-statpress/statpress.php’><input type=hidden name=statpress_action value=search>

Change it to

<input type=hidden name=page value=’statpress/statpress.php’><input type=hidden name=statpress_action value=search>

That’s it!

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