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I decided to start a new section called what’s hot because I enjoy technology and innovation in today’s society. To start things off my first company is going to be

Fiverr is a very simple site that allows you to sell your services for $5 or buy someones services for, you guessed it, $5. Recently they added options so sellers could make a little more money like added a larger fee to have the project completed faster, sell you more link backs and etc which I think is a very good idea. They offer registration or Facebook one click registering along with DAMN quick pay for one click paying of services. has probably received more money from me than any other site. I have saved probably $5,000 by only spending a couple hundred on the services I needed. Now they may not have everything you’re looking for and some things I would stay away from such as marketers saying they will put flyers on peoples cars or hand them out on street corners. Who’s to say they are really going to do it and how do you know if you’re living 10,000 miles away. Another service I recommend staying away from is linkbacks. People claim to give you 100,000 link backs for $5 when all they are really doing is spamming sites with open wordpress blogs. How can that be good for business when people start banning your sites URL?

Now their are some GREAT services that I recommend. People that sell links on their own sites or will publish articles on their sites. Other great services which I can NOT believe people would do for $5 is voice-overs, commercials, and graphic work. You can get a custom designed character for $5 freaking dollars. At a commercial company you are looking at $4k or more with rights.

Here are a few things I’ve ordered:
Sharks Teeth
Graphic Work
Article Posting
Link Backs
Custom Video Commercials
and more!

Check them out at

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