Windows 10 Feature Update Locking up at 76 Percent

So for the past few months I’ve ran in to the same issue over and over. Windows 10 Feature update would stop and lock up at 76%. Some others on the Microsoft forums suggested waiting for 2 days with success. I myself can’t wait 2 days for my PC to free up from updates. I read about the possibility being the fact that I have my documents, pictures and downloads mapped to a 2nd drive instead.

Here is a possible fix, at least it fixed my problem.

  1. Create a new Administrator account.
  2. Restart you PC into the new account.
  3. Go to settings and updates, click update or restart depending on how far along the updates already are.
  4. Once the updates are started it should restart and finish installing them successfully.

I hope this helps others as it was annoying me to no end.

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