Ideas for building out your store in Joomla

As I sit here building out a few personal projects in Joomla I realize there’s a couple new great component additions that need to be mentioned. I say new but in fact they have been around for some time now, they still may how ever be new to you.

The first one is K2 for Joomla. It offers a great layout and custom fields. It would make a perfect t-shirt directory to list your t-shirts in.

The next one is Zoo by the makers of Yoothemes. This one is my favorite by far. They have a paid version that offers many many pre programmed apps such as Products. Not only can you customize it to your liking, it also looks great as is.

K2 appears to be free, I did see someone say they paid for it but I could not find a pay version anywhere on their site. There is a direct link on the home page to download it for free and it is very simple to set up. Zoo is free but doesn’t include the Products app which I highly recommend. It costs a little over a $100 if I’m not mistaken and well worth it.

Go check them out and it might just be what you’re looking for.

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