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Month: May 2020

  • Petite Boudeuse Painting Creative Contest

    Petite Boudeuse Painting Creative Contest

    Back many years ago there was this site called, and while it’s been merged with another site, it’s nothing like it was back in the day. This creative artwork was in response to a contest to take a painting and modify it so that it blended or transitioned with very little signs that it…

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  • City of Dunlap 2015 Music Festival Poster

    City of Dunlap 2015 Music Festival Poster

    I really enjoying making these posters. Created for the City of Dunlap and their first every Music Festival featuring John Anderson. Flyer showcased the new Stage artwork used for creation and I stayed with a clean contrast of colors. The festival was a success and still happens every year.

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  • Cinco De Mayo Benefit Poster

    Cinco De Mayo Benefit Poster

      To give credit where credit is due this poster advanced from a pre-made poster that I purchased. It had the makings of what I wanted to accomplish and saved me hours of work. I reworked the poster and created 2 versions because the first date was rained out.

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  • SCHS Lamp Post Banner

    SCHS Lamp Post Banner

    The City of Dunlap contacted me to help with their show of support for the Sequatchie County High School students. They wanted to create a lamp post banner to hang up at different times throughout the year. The goal was to keep it super simple and classic while sporting the name and symbol of Sequatchie…

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