AI Technology

While I’m not dedicated to graphic designing like some others, I did want to point out the recent frenzy of AI Technologies popping up all over the place. Namely AI in the designer world. While many are enjoying the new found wonders of AI, others are concerned. This next phase in life for humans is going to be interesting. AI has it’s place but it will also replace millions of jobs. The jobs it’s going to replace are going to create a world epidemic never seen before. In the design world, designers will still be creating but have different roles. The task that would normally take hours to complete now takes mere seconds. Conveying the message will be the primary function of most designers in my opinion.

AI currently is only as good as the data it’s gathered or is gathering and that data is from Humans. The new Photoshop AI does some insane things to be in beta. Imagine when it’s fully released. Right now Adobe is just testing the water and gathering more input to make their AI smarter. Again humans are the source of power for AI. With that said I wanted to encourage designers to embrace technology and expand.

Take a step back in time to a world where everything was hand carried or delivered by horse and buggy…  Now imagine seeing the first automobile drive past you.  This creation would lead the way for humans and items to travel the world at record speeds as it continued to develop. This is AI and data in today’s world. Delivering results in mere seconds.