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Month: June 2023


    Having started out as a Reserve officer for the Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office, I saw a need for them to communicate across more platforms other than the local news paper. I created the site as a way for the community to be more informed. Around this time I had hoped to get a .gov…

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  • Website Website

    This company reached out and needed an overhaul on an existing site that was causing them issues. The client wanted to keep the same theme and layout but have it reworked for a modern approach / technology. The site was redesigned from the ground up to make it more manageable to the client.

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  • SequatchieCountyTN.Gov

    SequatchieCountyTN.Gov is a local site for the residents of Sequatchie County. It features all the departments with direct contact information and any added information the departments wish to add. The site is ever evolving so make sure to bookmark it and check back often!

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  • Website Website is one of the first domains I purchased and developed. It’s running on WP with a HEAVY modified theme with a lot of custom functions that allows the site to work as a Directory. Having lived in Chattanooga for a number of years I had fun finding and reviewing new establishments. However, we relocated…

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  • 9th Annual Music Festival Dunlap Tennessee

    9th Annual Music Festival Dunlap Tennessee

    This year the the City of Dunlap decided to keep things more local. Instead of hiring a bigger name to play on the 4th of July, they opted to have more local area bands and singers. They also worked in conjunction with other local businesses to create a Food Atmosphere and Games for kids. I…

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